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Book Your Appointment Today.

All appointments must be booked online.  A $25 non-refundable booking fee is required.  Consultations are available and required for starting locs and clients with problem areas (weak spots, alopecia, thinning edges, and other scalp conditions).

VIP membership:


The VIP monthly subscription is open for enrollment:


  • Limited to 20 clients. Cancel subscription anytime. 

  • New enrollment 1/1- 1/15/2022. 

  • No late enrollments, or re-enrollments after cancellation.


  • Book your appointment 3 days before the general schedule opens or at your last appointment (whichever comes first).•

  • 10% every 5th appointment.

  • 15% off all services during your birthday month.

  • 15% off products year round.

  • Exclusive access to cancellation list,

  • after hours/weekend openings (when available).

  • First selection for model requests and new styles.


Subscription is $20/month



*Limited to 10 clients per month.


do your need your hair done for vacation, a special occasion, or your birthday?

Want a guarantee to get on the schedule?

Look no further!

Pre-booking was created to guarantee a slot for the month of your choice.  The fee is not applied towards the cost of service or deposit.  You will need to add 3 preferred dates for the month you desire in the notes section (within availability).  Preferred dates are not guaranteed, however, a date during the month is.  Dates are given in the order of the pre-booking purchase.   

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